A New Chapter Begins: The Handover from Nismix to Cyclect Group

Nismix proudly announces the commencement of a new chapter, symbolizing growth and progress, with the official handover from Nismix to Cyclect Group

As I pass the baton of leadership to the Cyclect Group, a moment of retrospection brings back memories of the journey that Nismix has undertaken over the last 40 years. The early days were marked with challenges, but my passion for creating the finest industrial batch mixing products and my unwavering dedication to our mission powered us through.

At every turn, we faced obstacles that tested our resolve. Yet, each challenge we overcame, every problem we solved, strengthened our commitment and fueled our desire to innovate. The pursuit of crafting the best in class industrial mixing solutions became our calling and reaching major milestones, our reward.

Our journey was punctuated with milestones that have defined the very essence of Nismix. These achievements were not easy to come by. It took tireless efforts, innovative thinking, and a continuous pursuit of excellence to create a company that has become synonymous with industrial batch mixing.

As I hand over the reins of Nismix to the Cyclect Group, I am filled with gratitude. For it is an honor to see the company we built, the vision we pursued, find a new home in an equally innovative and committed entity. With its 80-year legacy and an exceedingly capable team, I am confident that Cyclect will elevate Nismix to unprecedented heights.

“I am immensely grateful that Cyclect, with its legacy of innovation and capable team, will be taking Nismix to the next level. My faith rests in the team’s capable hands to steer this ship to new heights”, these words of faith sum up my emotions as I watch the transition unfold.

As I bid adieu to the role I held so dearly, I am content knowing that the legacy of Nismix is in good hands. My journey with Nismix is not ending, but taking a new turn as I continue to support as an advisor. I wish Cyclect Nismix all the success in the world. As for me, it’s a new beginning of watching Nismix from a new vantage point, filled with the satisfaction of a journey well navigated, a mission well served, and a legacy well preserved.

With Love,
Founder of Nismix

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